Herbs That Can Reduce Asthma Attack

Dry cumin seeds

Dry cumin seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asthma: Mild and Chronic

Asthma: Mild and Chronic (Photo credit: NIAID)

After a few while digging in the internet,I discover a lot of herbs remedy that can help reduce asthma attack or at least alleviate the symptom.Would it will be nice to treat our condition without further ingestion of complex chemical.For those who have asthma would enjoy this.

1. Ginkgo

It is belief that ginkgo can reduce blood viscosity which is very helpful to stop inflammation from happening in the very first place.Ginkgo is highly effective as it help block the bronchoconstriction. But ginkgo function doesn’t focus mainly for asthma,it can also increase mental power.It has been very helpful and handy to me after a few years of practice.

2.The middle east mixture

This mixture contain chamomile, cinnamon, sage,  cloves,black cumin seeds, spearmint,rosemary,and thyme as well as other therapeutic  herbs.This mixture has been very helpful for more than centuries

Herbs are only one of the natural methods through which you can get rid of asthma.

Find out more about the natural ways of treating asthma


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