Best Way To Decrease Asthma Attack

Type of causes that trigger asthma differ from person to person.But the similarity between asthmatic can be clearly seen.We can decrease asthma attack if we can avoid the thing listed here

1. Avoid Cigarette Smoke

Basically,all type of smoke are irritable to person with asthma.But there are a little different between burning smoke and cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contain highly corrosive chemical,these chemical can inflamed the wall of airway making the airway to produce mucous rapidly.

2.Regular Room Sweep

The house dust mite, its feces and chitin are ...

The house dust mite, its feces and chitin are common allergens around the home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Person with asthma should regularly clean their sanctuary.Meaning the place where they spend most of their time and the place where they feel safe.By cleaning their place regularly,they can reduce the allergen that keep bugging them. They should Vacuum the place in every week,make sure the bed linen are wash in every two week by using warm water above 80 degree Celsius in order to Kill Dust Mite.

3.Manage Sanctuary Humidity

Mold are the most powerful irritant for asthma sufferer.It can even brought a healthy person toward many kind of health problem.In order to create a non-environment for mold,place a hygrometer,the reading  should not be greater than half.

There are more thing that can be done to decrease asthma attack,we can also Treat Asthma Naturally

but first,lets Decrease Asthma Attack by carry out the list

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